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The Marine Corps Ring ~ Open Back Design, Sterling Silver

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Officially licensed and Approved by the US Marine Corps, this solid sterling silver Marine Corps Ring stands out, with the open space around the EGA, your rank and years served, and the fine detail given in design - a Must have! 

The detailed Eagle Globe and Anchor is cast as part of the ring, same with your rank.  We do not solder pieces onto our solid Marine Corps Rings.  Our designs are the finest in the world - exceeding the highest standards, museum quality - Made to last a lifetime.

  • Each Ring is approx 7/8" at the widest and approx 3/8" on the palm side of the ring.
  • Ring is custom made to order - your size, you choose the Rank for the side of the Ring, otherside has USMC.
  • Due to the fact every ring is custom made to order, Please allow 2-4 week for delivery.
  • Every ring we design and handcraft is made by a Marine Corps Veteran at our shop in Lakewood, Colorado - Proudly Made in USA.
  • Amazing Custom Marine Corps Ring made by a USMC Veteran.  Officially licensed and approved by the US Marine Corps!
  • These USMC Rings are Solid, bold, powerful and of substantial weight!  Durable and Marine Tough!
  • Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed..  Lifetime Warranty on workmanship and material
  • Available in Sterling Silver, 10k, 14k and 18k yellow gold.  See "MR10 Solid Gold Marine Corps Ring"
  • Any questions, ideas or opinions about the Marine's Ring - call us toll free:  1-800-876-8028 or email us at:

We are a Service Disabled USMC Veteran Owned and operated small business.  Owned and Operated by Marines!

Only "The Few" can wear PROUDLY!

Semper Fidelis

Made for Marines by Marines in the United States of America - THE ONLY WAY Marine Corps Rings should be made!

This Marine Corps Ring design - is another Steve Hosie (USMC Sgt) design and copyrighted by Steve Hosie with the US Copyright office.


Reviews (8)

Mar 25, 2013
This ring is beautiful. Marine Corps rings noticed that when I ordered I indicated rank of private. They actually took the time to call me and explain that private was not actually a rank. When I told them the ring was bought as a "Graduation" from bootcamp gift, they suggested some different engraving on the side of the ring. It looks awesome. I cannot remember the last time I dealt with a company who really seems to care!!

Nov 27, 2012
My husband is beyond pleased with his new ring. He likes the look of it and the weight of this ring. when it arrived he was really excited and pleased with the details on it. Thank you!!

Aug 24, 2012
I love my ring. I've had so many compliments
Fits great. And wears terrific.

Jul 20, 2012
This ring exceeded my expectations. Very good quality. A symbol of Marine Corps pride. Every Marine should have one. I like to thank everyone at Marine Corps Rings & Jewelry. Thank You All.

Apr 2, 2012
When my ring arrived in the mail, I was over the moon. Marines, if you want a ring that shows you are a Marine - Anyone of the superb designs these Marines make are the "Cadillac" of this industry.
My ring is a perfect size, an outstanding design of the Eagle, Globe, & Anchor, with my Gunny stripes on one side & USMC on the other - what else would a Marine want !!!!
You will not be disappointed with a ring from these MARINES !!
Semper Fi, Jim Ogilvie
Gunny of Marines

Feb 21, 2012
Absolutely amazing! Everything was better than described. Even got my MOS on the side and I couldn't be more happy. If you don't have one...GET ONE! It's a must have!

Dec 11, 2011
I’m definitely pleased with the craftsmanship of my ring. After learning three years ago that my grandfather who passed when I was 13, fought on the islands of Pelilu and some others and learning that Marines had worn a ring in the island campaigns, I wanted a ring to memorialize him. He was the initial spark that for me years ago to join the Corps and I was the reason my step son is now a Marine. He too will receive a ring to proudly display upon his hand in memorial of those past and present. Thanks for this ring I should have had years ago.

Feb 16, 2011
I just received my Marine Corps sterling silver ring and what a quality piece of craftsmanship. This ring stands out and gets noticed, defiantly an eye catcher. Quality craftsmanship, fit, finish and micro detail for the price. A ring I will wear with extreme pride and recommend to my Marine buddies. Thanks Randall. ….Semper Fi.....Ira

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