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    Custom High Definition Marine Corps Ring

    Made in the USA by USMC Veteran owned jewelry business

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    Marine Corps Pendants and necklaces


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    Two Tone Gold Marine Corps Rings

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    Made in the USA by USMC Veteran owned jewelry business

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    Marine Corps Belt Buckles - Made in the USA

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Made in the USA exceptional Marine Corps Rings, Marine Corps Jewelry and Gifts.

Marine Corps Rings and Marine Corps Jewelry by a Marine for Marines! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Marine Corps Rings and Jewelry - Designed and handcrafted - Made in the USA!  Your online store for exceptional Marine Corps Rings, Marine Corps Jewelry and Gifts.   We are a 100% USMC Veteran owned small custom jewelry business licensed and approved by the US Marine Corps.   We are the #1 online store for Marine Corps Rings and Jewelry!  With many happy customers around the world wearing our Marine Corps Rings and Jewelry, we look forward to your order.  Custom Marine Corps Rings and Marine Corps Jewelry By Custom Jewelers, LLC, a 100% USMC Veteran owned custom jewelry business.  If you are looking for solid Eagle Globe and Anchor Necklaces or pendants - we create them in just about any size you desire.   If you are looking for Marine Corps Rings, Custom Marine Corps rings, Custom Jewelry or Custom Military Rings - you have found the right place.   We design and manufacturer our rings in our physical shop.  If you would like Custom Engagement Rings, Wedding Sets, Anniversary Rings - we also design and create amazing fine jewelry for our clients all over the world.  Semper Fidelis - Steve Hosie (USMC Sgt '86 - '93).  


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Marine Corps Rings

Our Business is owned and operated by a US Marine Corps Veteran.  We are licensed and approved by the US Marine Corps and the products that we design and make for you are all Made in the USA!

Custom Marine Corps Rings - if you are looking for something to be custom designed and made for you - contact us.  We do that all the time for customers.

Engagement Rings?  Yes, we design and create custom engagement rings for clients all over the world as well.  

Last Product Reviews

Feb 13, 2018
14K Gold Marine Corps Ring with Stone
Review is pending moderation
Nov 5, 2017
MR28 10K Gold Marine Corps Ring
My wife bought this ring for me for my 60th birthday. I love this ring but lost it a few weeks back. Broke both of our hearts. I would recommend this ring with a black back ground Wears great!
Aug 3, 2017
Solid Sterling Silver Marine Corps Ring
We bought the ring as a gift for our son-in-law. He is very pleased with it and wears it every day. The quality is excellent and the finish superb. The sizing was accurate and the communications with the company were thorough, timely and complet ...
Jul 31, 2017
USMC CAMO Men's Cycling Club Jersey
Review is pending moderation
Jul 20, 2017
MR28 10K Gold Marine Corps Ring
My wife bought the ring for me as an anniversary gift. I love this ring. It took a little more time to make as I need a very large size. It is just as advertised. The design is very elegant. I love the simplicity of the E.G.A. on the colore ...
Feb 19, 2017
Marine Corps ring USMC
I purchased my ring about a month ago and it still looks as great as it did when I received it. Any Marine would be proud to wear a ring from you. I love it and so does everyone that sees it. Semper Fi!
Feb 9, 2017
Solid Sterling Silver Marine Corps Ring
bought and now wear this daily. always tell other Marines where they can purchase from. Semper Fi
Nov 26, 2016
Bootcamp Graduation Ring Marine Corps Rings
Ordered this ring for my son as one of his graduation gifts. I was more than pleased when I actually saw it in person. He absolutely loved it and has gotten so many compliments on it. I will definetly order all my future Marine related jewelry f ...
Nov 16, 2016

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The website domain name, content and store is owned by Custom Jewelers, LLC, products display, listed and sold are Officially Licensed by the U.S. Marine Corps as licensed by the Individual Manufacturers. We sell quality Marine Corps Jewelry and Marine Corps Rings. Custom Jewelers, LLC is a service disabled Veteran owned and operated business. All content, designs, work, photos are fully protected under Copyright Laws and shall not be copied without express written consent of owner. Eagle Globe and Anchor is Trademarked by US Marine Corps, designs that incorporate the licensed usage of the Eagle Globe and Anchor are protected by Copyright law and legal property of the owner, shall not be copied nor infringed by others who desire to imitate the designs and work.

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At Marine Corps We design custom Marine Corps Rings and Marine Corps Jewelry for you. Yes, we also do design and handcraft custom fine jewelry, engagement rings, diamond rings, diamond earrings, wedding bands as well as other service Veteran Rings and Jewelry such as Navy Rings, Army Rings, Airforce Rings. If you are looking to have custom jewelry designed, handcrafted and Made in the USA - we are the Veteran owned business to come to. From Design to Completed product in fine jewelry - we can create your custom fine jewelry for you. Yes, we do design and handcraft Gold Marine Corps Rings, Gold Marine Corps Eagle Globe and Anchor Pendants, Gold Marine Corps Earrings as well as Continuum Sterling Silver Marine Corps rings and Sterling Silver Marine Corps Jewelry. Our shop is located at 3200 S. Wadsworth Blvd, Unit C, Lakewood, CO 80227. We look forward to serving your fine jewelry needs from custom engagement rings to Custom Marine Corps rings.
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